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Komal's Kitchen Affairs


31/05/07       ben-diane_clary@sil.org
A wonderful experience to be here Komal, and to enjoy the food that you have prepared & to buy your cook-books. Thank you & god bless you………..
Ben & Diane Clary

26/06/07      matrovato@hotmail.com
We had a fantastic dinner, we are in our honeymoon & we had a unique experience.
God bless you, Thank you.
Marco& Jasmine Toronto

03/07/07     k.thomas@chello.nl
We have thoroughly enjoyed our first Indian Cooking/Food experience & to watch you in action!!!!! Thank you very much……

17/07/07     dreverstraeten@hotmail.com
What a surprise having a cooking demo “AT HOME”; this was a real social happening because eating can bring people together. The food was delicious!!!!
We had so many things, so many tasks but the most important thing is that we met some very friendly people like you during our 12 day trip through India.
Thank you for everything & we wish you a lot of success with your cooking demos.

17 July 2007  
It was such a pleasant surprise because just before my husband & I entered your house, we were told by Rajiv that we will have a “cooking lesson” …. We were strangers; but I can safely say that we ended up as Friends… Good on you Komal , as this is a terrific idea & saw lot of warmth & personal touch. Keep this going.. All the best in your endeavour. Regards Savas & Ambu

When I read, as part of Flexi Tours Itinerary that there is going to be a cooking lesson, I was surprised about the connection between the two. I did not realize the importance of the new concept when we started to learn cooking. It is a concept of building friendship, relationship which will last forever. We met a Formulation Chemist turned into a “Formulator of Food Recipes”. Good on you Komal & Bhupinder, Thanks for your hospitality.      Visit us when you come to Sydney..
No- +612 – 87830060.  Ambu & Saras Taya

July 23rd 2007
What an intelligent & clever way to know about Indian cuisine…. But not only that!!!! We had a fantastic dinner with lots of very delicious dishes prepared with great care & love. We had only the experience of living for one evening in an Indian house & to be warmly welcome. We will keep this as a precious memory of our Indian vacation.    Silio, Nicolleta, Vincennt & Giovovini from Italy.

July 24th 2007 www.marcountry@hotmail.com
We don’t know anything about you & your tasteful hobby in cooking good food for your friends. We promise to talk in our country about your skills with fire 7 spices and we wish that you never forget that peace among people is possible with good food & talking about black pepper & onions; and forgetting the gun powder & the arms.
Your friends from Barcelona.

4th Aug 07
An unforgettable dinner while we started our trip to India!!!!!!!!!!!!
We really appreciated your hospitality & this new system to know different cultures & Kitchens…. Thanks a lot for so fantastic dishes & tastes.
Autsnell & Palos Italy

The best food & cookery experience in India.
(Canary Island- Spain) 05/08/07

It has been a greatful experience having dinner with you. Thanks a lot.
Lovely evening, great idea to allow us to meet you, your home & family…. And the best… the fantastic chef you are!!! , thanks so much for all, we really enjoyed your food & your company.
From Bilbao

Thanks a lot, first for meeting at your home, secondly meeting your backbone & your pillar “YOUR LOVELY HUSBAND” and last but very important for sharing with you a very nice dinner& hospitality. Hope we could meet this kind of food wherever we go…..

Dear Mrs. & Mr. Taneja
Thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity given to us to prove your wonderful food, to see your beautiful house & for making our India’s memories more special. We will keep in touch.
Love, Bristy & Lio from Singapore.

This first evening in Delhi, we had a wonderful experience with a great cook & loved all the very good dishes you made. We also appreciate your friendly welcome.
Thanks very much… I have also started speaking Hindi--- SHUKRIYA!!!
Acarlotta & Ellt    14/8/07

1st Sept 07
Thanks you so much for inviting us into your home & treating us to such a nice meal. Thanks also for the cooking lesson, can’t wait to try the recipes out at home.
Shah Family.

Sept 15th
What a fantastic evening!!!! I think you have spoilt us for the rest of our holiday, as your food & company has been amazing. Thanks you for allowing us to share this wonderful meat in your home!!!! This was a fantastic experience for us, will definitely come again…..
Nicole & Kathy

18th Sept07
You are a very nice family & your hospitality is over the top. The food was very, very, very, very good!!!! The pudding was awesome & delicious, thank you very much.
 Marco & Mart from Italy

19th Sept 07
This is our first day in Delhi & we couldn’t have expected a better experience that Komal’s delicious food!!! I have tasted the most amazing fish dish ever!!! The starters, the main dish & the desserts were just perfect!! I wish I could eat them everyday!! I will be definitely taking Komal’s Cookery Books for my Mum.
Thank you Komal!!! 
Iharta & Paul from London

19th Sept 07
Food was Amazing!!! I really enjoyed the food. It was a very delicious meal & I enjoyed very much.
Kishnit Taneja 

21st Sept 07
Wonderful & personal introduction to Indian Delights!!! Exceptional Idea!!! Thank you so very much to a very special “Food Friend”.

5th Oct 07
Learning was never this fun & easy, until now!!! It was a great experience for a first time kitchen enterer to make delicious, mouth-watering dishes in one go!!!!

7th Oct 07
We have tasted pure vegetarian food which was delicious & without any overflow of oil. Excellent in every aspect better than any other place.

11th Oct 07
A most delightful evening with much to learn about food, cookery & Indian Culture & the chance to be in an Indian home. Thor & Dalas kinge