Health & Nutrition Smart Tips

  1. Dietary fiber a day keeps all diseases away.
    • Fiber is also called roughage. Lack of fiber cause constipation & gastro-intestinal disorders.
    • To improve dietary fiber in your diet eats whole grain foods, brown bread, brown rice, sprouts, fruits & vegetables like carrots, turnips, beans cauliflower, capsicum, ladyfinger, and papaya.
    • Drink 12-15 glasses of water since draws water into your intestine and thus pass easily through intestine.
  2. Some Food Facts  
    • Coffee, coco-cola and cocoa contains caffeine, which is an artificial stimulant, it increases heart beat rate & destroys the natural alkalinity in the blood & also increases toxic reduces in the body.
    •  We should encourage the use of seeds in our diet, as they are highly beneficial. Grind seeds of sesame, pumpkin, cucumber & melon & then add to salads.
    • Fruits like papaya & pineapple contain enzymes that protect the digestive system & discourage retention of waste thus clearing bowels regularly.
    • Eat citrus foods like oranges, sweet-lime along with pith (white thread like structure around them). The pith contains bio - flavenoids, which strengthens the immune system.
  3. To reduce the level of cholesterol in blood include omega 3 & menstruated fats in your diet along with daily exercise. Include- Olive oils, canola oils, canola oils or fish oils. Seafood’s & walnuts are also a rice source.
  4. Foods that fight stress & reduce it-
    • Chocolate bar or few sweets
    • Popcorns
    • Finger chips
    • A cup of milk
    • Fish or prawns
    • Cereals bowl

      All of these lower the level of stress hormone & boost the soothing serotonin & thus may relieve depression, anxiety & stress.
  5. Cookery Tips
    • To make quick bread crumbs. Take few rusks, crush them & use this breadcrumbs mixture to make your preparations tastes & crispier.
    • Lemon juices when used to marinate brinjals and also to cut fruits like apples, banana prevents them from turning black.
    • To make fruit cream in an expressway, just add all the finally cut food to 2 cups of vanilla ice cream. Your mouth-watering food cream is ready and garnish with 1 tbs strawberry crush.
    • While making paneer at home don’t throw the whey water. It can be used to knead the dough used for chapattis or puris as they turn out more softer and nutritious.
    • Green peas will retain their original green color if you add a pinch of sugar while boiling them.